International cooperation


The history of PERI began in 1969 in Germany and is currently the largest manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding systems.

PERI is distinguished by innovation, which implies the introduction of modern systems in construction.


Greek varnish brand "Chromodomi", which has been positioned on the market since 1988. It is distinguished worldwide by high quality and a diverse palette of colors.

The paints do not contain ammonia and lead, are certified and meet all EU requirements and criteria.



Kastamonu Entegre

Kastamonu Entegre has been operating since 1969. The company produces raw materials, melamine coated boards, glossy panels, MDF, laminate flooring, kitchen surfaces, door panels and important products needed for furniture production.


The French brand Icopal is currently the largest manufacturer of waterproofing materials.

Icopal products are of high quality and that is why they are very popular all over the world.


Makita-ს ისტორია 1915 წელს, იაპონიაში იწყება. ახალგაზრდა მეწარმემ - მასაბურო მაკიტამ დააარსა Makita Electric Works.
მთელს მსოფლიოში, სამშენებლო სექტორს,  Makita ელექტრო  ხელსაწყოებს აწვდის, რომლებიც გამოირჩევა: ძალით, მინიმალური ვიბრაციით, შესრულებით, კომპაქტურობით, მაღალხარისხიანი მასალებითა და გამძლეობით.


The history of SVEZA, a company producing plywood, began in 1997 and is currently one of the world's leading brands in this field.

SVEZA products are used to build skyscrapers, as well as to create eco-furniture and modern interiors.


LIEBHERR has been producing tower cranes in Germany since 1949.

The company's products are distinguished by high load-carrying capacity, safety standard and mobility.


ROCKWOOL’s thermal and sound insulation material "Rock wool" is made with innovative technology.

ROCKWOOL has been operating in the building materials market for more than 80 years and its products are of high quality and durability.


PENOPLEX, a manufacturer of thermal insulation materials, appeared on the market in 1998 and during this time gained the name of one of the leading companies.

PENOPLEX products are successfully sold in many countries around the world.


The company SYPLY has been operating in the field of production of plywood and wood furniture panels since 1976 and is one of the largest brands today.


BAKU STEEL COMPANY is the largest steel producer in the Caucasus region, which started operating in Azerbaijan in 2001.


Construction materials company TEXNO offers scaffolding systems, construction beams, plywood, forming systems and other in-demand products to customers all over the world.

Each TEXNO product is distinguished with its high quality.


The history of the company TECHNONICOL dates back to 1992 and today it is one of the leading brands among manufacturers of thermo and waterproofing materials.

TECHNONICOL products are available in 95 countries.




Монолитстрой began operations in 2001 in Moscow, Russia.

The company, during this period, has created a qualified team that provides high quality products.


AESW is a metal materials manufacturing company that is very popular all over the world.

The history of AESW began in 2008 in Russia.