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How do I choose repair materials online?

13 May
How do I choose repair materials online?

Renovation is an important issue for everyone, but in many cases it can even be a problem. When renovating a house, all important details have to be taken into account beforehand; after all, in the future, it is the furnishings that should create our daily mood.

During the renovation process, we often have to walk around different showrooms, choosing products, comparing colours, prices and textures - worrying about whether the laminate flooring we buy will match the interior paint we have chosen.

To save time and money, you can use Citadel's online shop.

In addition to saving time and financial resources, online shopping on our website has even more advantages, for example, you can compare the characteristics of any two products and choose a favourable option.

To do this, you need to click on the button - compare products on any product page on our website and select the second pair you are interested in to view the data in detail.

However, choosing interior design products online is an even more complicated process...

To avoid these processes and problems, we offer a new feature, #repaironyourown, which allows you to apply different paint colours to your desired laminate online.

This feature will make it much easier for you to turn your fantasy into reality and get the interior design you want.